Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Trip to the Dentist

Mr. Big Deal before getting his teeth checked out. When it was time he sat on my lap.
Dr. Michelle is so nice and really tries to make the kids feel less anxious.

Coop was not too sure about the situation.

Dr. Michelle agreed that he has a strong bite. Watch out!

Today the boys and I had dentist appointments with Dr. Michelle. Cooper had chipped his front tooth a few weeks ago and she was just going to check it out. Luckily he is fine and he won't go back until after he turns two. Baylor was so nervous about going today. He is always afraid it is going to hurt. The office is so nice and kid friendly. They really work with the kids to make them feel comfortable. He got to wear gloves and try out all the tools. He is really into tools right now so that appealed to him. He loved picking out his new toothbrush and all the goodies. He was so excited because he got Spongebob toothpaste and he is not allowed to watch this at home so he felt this a big deal. Unfortunately he has one small cavity on his bottom right tooth that we are going to have to have fixed. He is so worried. Dr. Michelle referred us to a pediatric dentist to fix the cavity because they sedate them and then he won't be as anxious to come back when he gets his teeth cleaned on a regular basis. I already told Tom that he has to take him to that appointment. He is so strong I am not sure I would be able to get him in the door. We are going to try and cut out some juice and stick to more water, let's just say he is not happy about this. He did want to brush his teeth as soon as we got home to make sure they were still clean.

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