Saturday, February 7, 2009

Children's Museum

Isn't his castle bank beautiful.
What a doll baby!

Mom, look how strong I am.

Let's just say he was a little wet.

Baylor was great at scooping the mulch and picking up rocks.

I truly think every person within driving distance was at the museum today. I really can't remember being there on a day when it was this crowded. It was crowded when it opened, how does that happen. Baylor had a Lego class this morning and he was able to go with Daddy. They made some great things, Baylor's favorite is his castle bank. Too cute. The new Lego exhibit is awesome and has so many thing to do. We are excited to go back during the week when it is less crowded. Cooper had fun playing with the art glass while Baylor was in class. We were able to go to a few exhibits, but left for lunch since it was such a madhouse. I am sure the museum was happy with the turnout today. When we got home Baylor played on the driveway and rode his bike and four wheeler. He can't wait to play outside.

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