Sunday, February 1, 2009

Paw Pass

Cooper wanted to get up close during the show.
Baylor beat Daddy at air hockey!

Tie Dye fun

Cooper had fun playing in the Cub Club.

This was so much fun!

Baylor made a wolf at the stuffing station.

This special slushy cup was another paw pass perk.

Cooper had fun playing peek a boo with the new wolf.

The wand adventures were lots of fun.

Baylor found the perfect place to store his wand.

On the first night The Great Wolf (ie daddy) left a paw pass on the light in our bedroom for Baylor. With this special pass Baylor was able to complete several tasks during our stay. He went to the Great Wolf stuffing station, became a magi with a wand and went on adventures, tie dyed a shirt in the cub club, got a tattoo, and a few other special treats. He had lots of fun along the way. We also went to the arcade where both boys had fun playing. Each night the hotel has a special program by the Clock Tower. The boys loved the show and were excited to be able to wear their jammies. What a fun time!

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megan elizabeth said...

Looks like you had alot of fun. I'm sure you enjoyed getting out of the cold and swimming! Love you!