Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Farewell to Van Gogh

Miss Anna was talking about cool and warm colors.
Hard at work with some chalk, what fun.

Emma was showing Cooper how to use chalk. She is so sweet.

Cooper wanted to love on the baby.

In art class today we finished our study on Vincent Van Gogh. The kids had a great time making their own Starry Night picture using chalk. Baylor had chalk everywhere and kept calling it sawdust. He is into home improvements right now, I wonder why. The kids then painted a picture of their bedroom. Baylor got a little carried away with the black to make his blanket so it is a little hard to tell it is his bedroom. Cooper went to art for the first time today since Mimi was sick. He had a great time and was really interested in Baby Jackson. He kept trying to talk to him and wanted to hug him. It was too funny.

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