Friday, January 24, 2014

Disney on Ice

The big boys and Daddy.

Park was so excited and had the best time.

He loved the whole show!
Snow cones are a must.

He kept making sure at the end of each song that it wasn't over.
King Parker!
His favorite movies right now are Beauty and the Beast, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty.

The big boys had fun too.

Snow cones for all!

This was his night!
Coop picked a sword.

All the characters.
It was a great show!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Love

Love this baby.  He's getting so big and has quite the personality to go with it.  He starting to think he's a big boy like his brothers.

Baylor had Ben spend the night after baseball practice on Saturday night.  All of the boys were excited to have Ben at our house.  They all wanted to sit, play or be by him.  After church we went to lunch at Champp's with Mimi and Pop.

Racing the clock to put the books of the Bible in order.

Sometimes I worry that we are too busy and involved in too many things.  Awana has been such a good addition for us this year!  They all are loving it and have learned so much.

Working hard.

Snow Dog!

Baylor's Creation poster for Awana.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baylor's Weekend Games

Baylor's first game was on Friday night at the Monon Center.  It was an early game so the boys all packed a snack to eat in the car on the way and then we went out to dinner after the game.  Sawyer was determine to get a snack too.  He kept bringing me an empty ziplock until I packed him a snack too. He's determined, just like his brothers.

First game of the weekend.

They played hard the entire game and were winning for most of the game, but ended up losing.

Baylor hustles.

Go #7!
Sawyer and Mommy sat at the side so he could stay in his stroller.  He kept yelling Good Job, if only it helped:).
Coop shooting at halftime.

Big Boy!

Coop ready for his game on Saturday.

He was excited about his stars.
My view at Baylor's game on Saturday.  Parker wanted to sit at the very top.  It was a long game and we were there forever because they were running behind.  Sawyer and Parker both did great.
Baylor scored again today but we didn't win again.  They play tough but can't seem to catch a break.

My pal at the game.
We were missing two players so they basically had to play the whole game and only had one sub.

They were all tired.

As soon as Baylor's game was over I took him to help Daddy at Blaze practice.

When the boys got home we worked on homework.  Coop needed to practice his address.  He's working and eating.

Baylor's friend Ben stayed the night.  We had a spaghetti dinner before they headed to more baseball practice for Baylor's team.

I stayed home with these two and we watched a movie and read books.

Daddy made them smoothies and they had popcorn before bed.

Cooper's Second Game

Today was Cooper's second basketball game of the season.

He started counting down the days after his game last week until he could play again.  It's safe to say, he is loving it!

He was a little heartbroken last night when he learned that I would not be able to go to his game.  Baylor had a game at the same time and Daddy had to coach his game.  Pop and Daddy were there to cheer him on though!  Mimi and Mommy went to Baylor's game with Sawyer and Parker.

A little coaching from Daddy.

Shooting.  He made another basket this week and couldn't wait to tell me.

I really love this age!

He tried hard and is always moving.


Go Cooper!
He is so excited to finally have his turn.

Taking the ball down.


He scores!



Good Game!
As soon as his basketball game was over he had to change and get ready for Blaze baseball practice.  It was one busy day!