Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow Play and Science

Today was another Snow Day!
I can't remember the last time we missed five days of school in a row because of snow!

It was a long week but the boys had a great time.

It was warmer today so Park and Coop were able to go out side and play.  Baylor was at Mimi's house again.
They play so well together.
On top of the snow fort.

They had fun sliding down the snow fort.
A little snow ball fun.

Who doesn't love a snow picnic.

They were making a snow dinner.

Playing on the slide.
They love the snow, but I'm ready to play outside in fresh green grass and budding trees:).

Bax was busy playing too.
Love them.

They made a king's table to eat lunch.

Sawyer loves spaghetti.  He needed another bath!

Before nap, we got out Cooper's science wizard kit.
He had the best time making potions.
It was fun!

Using his magic wand.

Hard at work.

It was really neat to do and have fun together.

He loved this one!

Measuring out the ingredients.  We had another fun day at home, but we are hoping for warmer temps next week!

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