Friday, January 3, 2014

Bowling and Lunch

Cartoon watching buddies.
Today Miss Sarah had to leave to go back to Kansas, big tears over here.  We were happy to spend a few hours with her before she left.  She is our favorite!

We met for lunch at Dragon Palace.  I'm pretty sure they wanted us to leave when we walked in with four kids and two adults, but the kids did pretty good.  Miss Sarah and her fortune cookie that basically says STAY HOME!

After lunch we headed to Strike Force for bowling.
Sarah is so special to us.  She's like a sister and daughter to me, I don't have either so I'm lucky to have her!  She is the best with our boys and they love her dearly.
Coop has been really happy to have her home.  He said he miss her!

Baylor did great bowling and won, just barely, both games.

Sawyer loves Miss Sarah too!
Parker's turn.

Love him!

Hugs all around before Miss Sarah left!

Great form.
Mimi came too since Miss Sarah couldn't stay bowling the whole time and we were happy to have her!  They are crazy about Mimi.  We bowled two games and then it was home for nap and rest time before Baylor's basketball game at night.

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