Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cooper's Second Game

Today was Cooper's second basketball game of the season.

He started counting down the days after his game last week until he could play again.  It's safe to say, he is loving it!

He was a little heartbroken last night when he learned that I would not be able to go to his game.  Baylor had a game at the same time and Daddy had to coach his game.  Pop and Daddy were there to cheer him on though!  Mimi and Mommy went to Baylor's game with Sawyer and Parker.

A little coaching from Daddy.

Shooting.  He made another basket this week and couldn't wait to tell me.

I really love this age!

He tried hard and is always moving.


Go Cooper!
He is so excited to finally have his turn.

Taking the ball down.


He scores!



Good Game!
As soon as his basketball game was over he had to change and get ready for Blaze baseball practice.  It was one busy day!

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