Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clean Sweep

We are ready to work.
Scene of the explosion.
All done, much better.
Coop's closet is ready to go. He has lots of storage for toys that we moved out of the game in an attempt to declutter.
Night cap. Each night the boys like to watch Pooh in our bedroom before going to bed. They have watched Pooh's Musical since Easter every night. Tom and I have every word memorized but they don't seem to mind and love watching it again and again.

Over the past few days I have been busy cleaning the boys closets. I have been going through clothes they have outgrown and getting out summer clothes. This is quite a job and is even harder when the boys are helping. They seem to get out everything in the entire room to play with while I am trying to organize and straighten. Baylor's room seriously looked like a bomb exploded while we were working today. The boys had fun though and played well together for the most part. Cooper's room went much smoother and there was not as big of a mess. I think it could be that Baylor has more STUFF! I am happy to say the job is done. Now I need to clean my own closet, but that will have to wait.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So happy!
The little things is life are precious.

Giggling with joy.

Cooper is currently fascinated with Elmo or as he says "MoMo". We hardly ever watch Sesame Street, but we have lots of Elmo books. He always looks for Elmo on the pages and says his name over and over. When we were cleaning out Cooper's closet today and getting out clothes for summer we found two Elmo shirts that Baylor wore. Cooper kept carrying them around and then wanted to put one on. He was so proud and kept pointing to MoMo on his shirt. He wore it outside and kept telling us it was MoMo. So cute!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Art Class

Today the kids learned about Miro in art class today. They first made a line drawing and then used watercolor pencils to color in the segments. They turned out great and were all so different. They were able to look at some of Miro's work and then create their own masterpieces. The kids then worked on sculptures with Model Magic. They added Popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. They turned out so great. We are so sad that we only have one more art class. Miss Anna just announced that her family is moving to take a position at a church in Texas. While we are so excited for them and the opportunity that lies ahead we are sad for us that are left behind. Anna is such a special person and we love her kiddos.

Photo Contest

Gina Miller is having an online contest on her blog. There are 12 great photos to choose from and the winner gets a canvas of the photo. How awesome is that. The best part is Mr. Cooper is one of the choices. He is photo #6 and his eyes looks so crystal blue. Please go to her blog and vote for our little man,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Surprise Visit

Tonight after dinner, Aunt Von, Sarah, and Emme surprised the boys with a visit. I don't know if Baylor was more excited to see Emme or Sarah. He drove Emme around in his truck and Gator. It was so funny, she sat there like a great little passenger. Sarah and Baylor had fun playing ball on the driveway. Cooper kept wanting to pet Emme but was a little timid. It was a nice surprise and a great way to end a busy day of school, swimming, and playing.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Retro Roller Rink Party

Our small group.
I almost fell once with Tom's help, but luckily he caught me.
Having fun.
The big group picture by the roller rink jail.
Tom and Austin.

Tonight we attended a roller skating party with a big group of people from our church. It was a retro themed party with some great costumes. It was at the Roller Cave and it was so much fun. I haven't skated since middle school and we actually did not hurt ourselves. The rink looks just like it did when we were kids, and it brought back so many memories.


The boys before church and before the dirt of the day.
Going for a ride.
Taking a break.
Going to the dumping station.
They both love dirt, mulch, and rocks.

After church and breakfast we hurried home to change and get ready to spend the entire day outside. The boys brought every toy out of the garage and had a great time. We drew a track on the driveway and they filled trucks with dirt and then drove them on the track to dump in a new spot. They were both covered in dirt from head to toe. Baylor had dirt drips on his face from sweat and their finger nails were black. They took a bath when they came in and had to take another one tonight from playing outside this evening. With two busy little boys who love to play outside we are taking lots of baths at the Hurst house.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Cookout of the Season

The cheeseburgers were delicious.

Coop likes to fill up the wagons and carry his stuff around.
Baylor flying his kite.

It was really high.
A big golf cart ride to end the night, perfect!

Mimi and Pop came over for the first outdoor cookout of the season. The weather was wonderful all day today and we loved sitting outside. After dinner the boys played outside with Mimi and Pop. Baylor went to the park with Daddy to fly his kite and then Mimi, Cooper, and I joined them. We stayed outside all day today and enjoyed every minute of the gorgeous spring weather.


Go Baylor and Maddy!
Baylor is #1 on the tan team.
After the game he opted to ride in the stroller, he was so tired.
Snacking from the sidelines.
Way to go coach.

They did a great job.

Pop and Coop
Baylor and his fan club after the game.

The weather was perfect for a soccer game today. Tom had to coach alone today since Austin was on a fishing trip and he was ready for a great game. At game time we only had four players, but they were ready to go. The players had to play the entire game, a whole hour. Let's just say they were tired out! They did do a great job and made huge improvements from last week. They stayed with the ball the entire time and even ran towards the right goal. Baylor even scored a goal, he was so proud. His smile was priceless. The players were so tired and red faced by the end of the game and they were all saying they were thirsty. Hopefully we will have a full team for the next game.

Friday, April 24, 2009

On the Go

Looking like a real paleontologist.
The triceratops head is huge.

A neck bone of a dinosaur.

Coop loves to build in Scienceworks.

We stopped at DQ on the way home, can you tell who made a huge mess?

We picked Baylor up from preschool and headed to the Children's Museum today. He was signed up for a Paleo Lab on the go class. Since the museum is under construction the preschool classrooms are not available and the classes are traveling. We got to go behind the scenes into the paleo lab and speak with two paleontologists. They were great with preschool aged children and shared lots of really neat information. You could tell all the kids were in the "why" phase and they asked tons of questions. Baylor was no exception and wanted to know about everything in the lab. They were able to touch everything and even got to see how the machines and special tools in the lab worked. They are working on a triceratops head that is over 4,000 pounds. It is really amazing. I always loved our dinosaur unit when I taught first grade and thought it was so fascinating. After the lab we went to a room for activities and crafts. They had lots for the kids to do and Baylor had a great time. While we were in class Cooper and Mimi played in the dinosaur area and by the carousel. Cooper is definitely on the go too when he visits the museum. It was a dino-mite day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

MOPS Playdate

Lots of rocks to gather.
Drawing and Digging.
Hi Choo Choo.
How cute!
We loved this scooter. Thanks Daxton for letting us use it.
A picnic, what fun.

He thinks he is too big for the baby area.
Three caged little animals.

They were pretending they were riding on a train.
Go car.

Today we met some MOPS friends at church for a play date. We started out in the playland and then headed out to the back parking lot. The kids had fun playing together. I know Cooper thought he was a big deal. There is lots of space to ride bikes, trikes, scooters, cars, etc. in the back. The highlight was the train coming by twice. All the kids were waving and screaming "choo choo". Lucky for Coop he can say choo choo too. We had a great time and enjoyed the sun. We are hoping it stays around along with warmer temperatures.