Monday, April 6, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Day

He wanted to do it all by himself. He did awesome.
Great Job Cooper!

Hard at work.


He loves to eat marshmallows, a few bunnies left over.

Working on his cookies.

Trying to roll out the clay.

Thanks for helping Mimi!

Cooper played with playdoh.

After school we decided to hippity hop on home since it was freezing and spitting snow, seriously it is April. I knew we had lots of Easter activities to do and decided this would be a great day. I had seen a cute craft in the Family Fun magazine, I love this magazine. You make a nest out of clay and had sticks and then put your eggs. Mimi stopped by when we were doing this and she helped Baylor make three nests. The clay I bought was super hard so we are going to try it again with Model Magic. I could only find super small packs of Model Magic and knew we would need more. We also made Easter cookies, the boxed kind, but Baylor's favorite. Finally we dyed two dozen Easter eggs. Baylor did great and they really look beautiful. I let Cooper try a few but he really didn't understand what we were doing. First he licked the egg, then he tried to drink out of the cup, and was adding his marshmallows to the dye. They both ended up in the bath to get their hands clean, but we all enjoyed our hippity hoppity day at home.


Libby said...

Oh, the eggs turned out really good!

EH said...

what cute boys... so nice of you to let them decorate eggs {I haven't done that in a few years now}