Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Splatter, Drip, Roll

These were some of the action words that were discussed during art class with paint today. It was messy and so much fun for the kids. Jackson Pollack may be Baylor's favorite artist of the year. For the first project the artists took marbles dipped in paint and rolled them over paper in a box. The pictures were so colorful and lots of fun to make. Then the kids splattered, dripped, and squirted paint onto paper that was inside a deep box. Oh what fun. Considering how much paint was involved we came away pretty clean. Thanks Miss Anna for another great art class. We love going each time and always look forward to the next class.

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megan elizabeth said...

This class looks like alot of fun. I especially liked the part during their first art project that they took "painted Baylor's and roll them around in a box!" (I do that all the time on my blog).