Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Mayhem

I'm getting bigger!
Checking out the doctor's tools.

Kick Baylor!

Go Baylor!

Uncle Tom is so much fun.
Aunt Bev and Coop.

This morning Coooper had his eighteen month checkup. He was right on target and doing great. He was quite social with the doctor and showed her he knew all his body parts. He was busy talking to all the ladies in the office. He weighed 26 pounds and was 33 inches. His doctor is so nice and gave his a cute book for doing so great. WE LOVE YOU COOPER!
Baylor did great at swimming today and was happy to be there. No tears today just smiles. He did a great job. The teacher told him he was doing really good.

After swimming we went to Daddy's work and met Uncle Tom and Aun Bev for lunch. We went to my new favorite restaurant, Noodles and Company. It is so delicious. We had a great time visiting with Uncle Tom and Aunt Bev. It is always so nice to see them. Our kids love them and so do we!!!

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megan elizabeth said...

Wow! Cooper is getting so big!! Baylor looks like his swimming skills are very good. I want to try Noodles and Company-I've heard good stuff about it. Hope you have a great day!