Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soccer Success

Go Baylor Go!

Warming up for the big game. Baylor is #1.
Maddy and Baylor in action.

Coop ran out onto the field at halftime. It is hard keeping him out of the game.

Hanging out with Pop.

We finally had a soccer game and great weather as well. Baylor was excited to go to the game and ready to play. Let's just say it was a good thing they don't keep score, but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. Our team is a little timid but they were running in the right direction. We didn't score a goal but got close several times. Baylor thought he did great and had fun so that is all that really matters. It was so fun watching them all. He kept waving to his fan club and dancing on the sidelines. He was so happy Mimi and Pop came to watch him. I think Maddy and Baylor enjoyed their bench time as much as their playing time. Too cute.

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