Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's Alive, Happy Easter

At Mimi's House.
(It is hard to get everyone smiling or even looking at the same time. Here is the best we could do).
Happy Easter!

This morning we woke up really early to make sure we were at church on time. When Baylor walked out of his door he found a present from the bunny. He couldn't wait to get downstairs and find his basket. He went to find Daddy and said is today the day Jesus rose. We have been talking about the true meaning of Easter and he really seems to be understanding. He always says why were people so mean to Jesus. It is hard to try and explain this in a way that he can process. The boys enjoyed opening their Easter goodies at home and even indulged in some chocolate before church. Church was so wonderful today. I cried several times during the service. How wonderful to have the promises of life everlasting and to know that our Saviour lives.

After church we headed to Mimi's house. The bunny visited her house too and brought lots of great things. The bunny has great taste in chocolate at Mimi's house, Fannie May, hurray! I love vanilla buttercreams. Cooper got an elephant watering can that he thought was a megaphone, it was so cute. Baylor wanted to open everything and play right away. Pop played farm animals with the boys and they were lining them up and having a parade. They love their pigs, our new favorite animal. For lunch we met the rest of our family at the Kopper Kettle. Lunch was so delicious. Baylor ate three chicken legs and Cooper loved the mashed potatoes. The Easter Bunny was there and they both visited him several times. Cooper wanted to keep going outside to see him again and again. After lunch we headed to Mimi's house for the egg hunt. Baylor found the hard boiled egg which earned him five dollars and Uncle Joe found the golden ten dollar egg. When Baylor counted all of his money from his eggs he had 15 dollars. He said right away, I'm going to Build A Bear. The prize table was filled with great items and everyone came away with a large bag full of goodies. We all enjoyed celebrating Easter together. It was a fun filled day!

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