Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Events of the Day

This morning started early with a conference with Baylor's teacher before preschool. We love his teachers and they love him too. Mrs. Steele basically said he was an angel and does great at school. Glad to hear that news and that he does well at school. I am so thankful for his preschool and all the amazing teachers. After picking up Baylor and Mimi we headed to the mall to get a few Easter gifts and a birthday present. We also stopped to see the bunny again. Both boys were happy to see him and play with him today. They were there forever and even went back one more time before leaving to go home. On the way home we made our favorite stop, the pig farm again. They were super smelly today. Baylor thought the Daddy pig was being mean to the mommies today. Tonight we hung out and went to FB, Frosty Boy, for an ice cream cone. Cooper loves to have his own cone but he always bites the bottom of the cone way too early. Let's just say he was a mess!!!

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