Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clean Sweep

We are ready to work.
Scene of the explosion.
All done, much better.
Coop's closet is ready to go. He has lots of storage for toys that we moved out of the game in an attempt to declutter.
Night cap. Each night the boys like to watch Pooh in our bedroom before going to bed. They have watched Pooh's Musical since Easter every night. Tom and I have every word memorized but they don't seem to mind and love watching it again and again.

Over the past few days I have been busy cleaning the boys closets. I have been going through clothes they have outgrown and getting out summer clothes. This is quite a job and is even harder when the boys are helping. They seem to get out everything in the entire room to play with while I am trying to organize and straighten. Baylor's room seriously looked like a bomb exploded while we were working today. The boys had fun though and played well together for the most part. Cooper's room went much smoother and there was not as big of a mess. I think it could be that Baylor has more STUFF! I am happy to say the job is done. Now I need to clean my own closet, but that will have to wait.

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