Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cooper Size Messes

Glitter is really hard to clean up!!!
This is kind of like painting. (The picture was taken with my phone and is a little blurry).

Where's Cooper?

Cooper has been quite busy getting into anything he can around the house lately. Anything that is left within his reach is bound to be on the floor and all over the house if not careful. Last night I was cleaning the kitchen when I heard his famous "uh oh" and found a whole bottle of glitter spilled on the floor. Baylor had used it for making a craft and left it on the table. Cooper had silver sparkles all over the kitchen. Tonight he spilt his dinner all over the floor and then smeared his ice cream cone all over the kitchen table. The boys have loved playing peek a boo in this large box tonight.


becca said...

Howdy~ I laughed at your nursing story on kelly's blog... so thought I'd pop over and say hello. When baby is hungry, what can you do?

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. These pictures of your son are too cute!! :)