Friday, April 10, 2009


Are you ready for some soccer?
Don't they look hard core!

When the soccer schedule came out we were disappointed that we had a game on Good Friday. I love to go to church on Good Friday. When we looked at the weather throughout the day, Tom kept saying he knew it was going to rain. On the way to the field it was pouring down rain and we called Mimi and Pop and told them not to come. However when we arrived there were actually people playing. We thought it may still be a go, but it was freezing. If they were older I could understand, but really four years olds are not that hard core. Maddy and Baylor were bundled up with their shirts on the outside. We now know why they give them such large shirts, to add lots of extra layers. After hanging out in the rain for 15-20 minutes the game was called and we headed home. Luckily Cooper and I never ventured out of the dry van. Baylor was sad he didn't get to play, but we will try again next week.

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