Friday, April 24, 2009

On the Go

Looking like a real paleontologist.
The triceratops head is huge.

A neck bone of a dinosaur.

Coop loves to build in Scienceworks.

We stopped at DQ on the way home, can you tell who made a huge mess?

We picked Baylor up from preschool and headed to the Children's Museum today. He was signed up for a Paleo Lab on the go class. Since the museum is under construction the preschool classrooms are not available and the classes are traveling. We got to go behind the scenes into the paleo lab and speak with two paleontologists. They were great with preschool aged children and shared lots of really neat information. You could tell all the kids were in the "why" phase and they asked tons of questions. Baylor was no exception and wanted to know about everything in the lab. They were able to touch everything and even got to see how the machines and special tools in the lab worked. They are working on a triceratops head that is over 4,000 pounds. It is really amazing. I always loved our dinosaur unit when I taught first grade and thought it was so fascinating. After the lab we went to a room for activities and crafts. They had lots for the kids to do and Baylor had a great time. While we were in class Cooper and Mimi played in the dinosaur area and by the carousel. Cooper is definitely on the go too when he visits the museum. It was a dino-mite day!

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