Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daddy's New Ride

Daddy's new jeep was delivered yesterday all the way from Utah. The boys knew it was coming today and could not wait to get inside and have a look around. It's bright and big and perfect for boys.
Daddy worked later so they came out right after shower which was great because they were all nice and clean just like the new jeep. Parker says jeep and it's the cutest thing ever. He didn't want to give up the driver's seat. It was his spot.

The top was down and he thought it was cool to stick his head out.

This jeep has some monster tires. I seriously may need a ladder to get in:).

While we were all excited about the jeep Daddy had to work on getting my tire off my truck. This morning we realized it had a flat tire. Tom had someone pick him up from work and I drove his truck. He had a big nail in it and was completely flat.

Joy Jammers

This is my second year helping lead Joy Jammers and I love it.

Molly, me, Shelly, and Becky are four of the leaders. We had four other high school girls who had already left for leadership when we took this picture. I always sing in first service for joyland and get to be in Baylor's groups. It's such a fun ministry and involves so many things I love worhsip, dancing, kids, fun people. My mom kids that it's kind of like cheerleading, really we should always be cheering for Jesus so it fits.
We got one of our new shirts last night and the kids loved them.

They all hurried and put them on right away.

The boys said it was like Colts blue.

We have a huge group of kids that tired out this year.

There are close to 40 4th and 5th graders that participate as joy jammers. Since there is a big group this year they are broken down into three teams. The first service group sings every week and then the second service group rotates Sundays.

We have some great boys this year which is so exciting.

I love going each Wednesday night to practice and then singing on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy Day=Normal Now

It was a busy day for us. We took Baylor to school and then headed to Zumba. The little boys love playing in their room there and Miss Kathy is so nice. When I pick them up she gives them a hug and says "Jesus Loves You." Afterwards we went to the car wash and cleaned the car out, Cooper was a big helper! Then we went to the grocery to get things we needed for dinner. We came home and got dinner ready so we could take a meal to Carl and Nicole. Cooper helped me get things ready and even got out the bathing suits for me.
Once everything was ready we headed to drop off a meal at the Schultz household. Miss Kate is so adorable and Eli is so sweet.

Our next stop was the pool. We swam for a little bit and then ate lunch at the pool. Cooper said he wanted a picnic so he laid out a towel and ate his lunchable on the pool deck. He said it was the best picnic ever.

The boys had a great time swimming today.

Every time we go now I wonder if this will be our last time to swim this year. It makes me so sad!

We all have a great time swimming and they take great naps after:).

He loves underwater pictures.

We brought our butterfly nets because Mama has so many butterflies at her house.

They were fast though and we didn't catch any today but it was fun to look.

I love this.

While we were there Mama's friend Lois came for a visit and we had fun talking with them. We took them on a walk around the yard. Parker was Mama's big helper. Parker fell asleep on the way home and Coop was ready for nap as soon as we got home. I had warm chocolate chip cookies ready for Baylor when he got off the bus. We got all of his homework done and practice his spelling words and read his library books on the back porch while his brothers were asleep. It's nice to have that time with just him. His bonus word this week is veterinarian, talk about hard for first grade!

Baylor had baseball practice again tonight and Daddy took him. I made stuffed shells for dinner for us too and Mimi and Uncle Joe came over for dinner. We also had salad, bread, and chocolate chip cookies. Uncle Joe thought it was tasty. We are so glad he is home. He is now here for the entire fall and then has a job in Florida starting in January. We are so excited!

Parker was so happy to see Uncle Joe. Coop and Park went on a golf cart ride with Mimi and Joe after dinner.

When Baylor got home he played catch with Joe in the front yard.

Then it was time to come in and take showers and get ready for bed. It was a busy but good day at our house.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Preschool Back to School Night

Tonight was Back to School night at Cooper's preschool. He was excited to go and is ready for school to start. We'll see if that continues next week when it is really time to go.
Mrs. Steele was at the door greeting the children. He was excited to see her and gave her a big hug.

He knew right where to go.

He was excited that Daddy met us at school. It was his special night.

He found his name on the bulletin board.

We love you Cooper!

He got to pick where we went to dinner. He picked Steak n Shake and he had "horn" dogs and a a cherry coke and we shared a cookies and cream milkshake.

Before we went home we took him to the pet store for a field trip. He loved looking at all of the animals. He really wants a cat or a dog, but he would take a rabbit too he said. We had fun spending time with just Coop. We had to take the picture outside because they have a no camera rule.

We hope you have a great year at preschool and make new friends and learn lots of new things. We know you'll love school and all of your teachers this year!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Great Day to be Outside

This morning before church Parker got into the bag of green beans from the farmer's market and was trying to eat them before they were cooked. He loves green beans.
He had fun at church today and made a great picture. We ate breakfast at home and then got ready to spend the day outside.

It was a beautiful day!!! We went to the park by our house and played baseball and on the playground. Baylor has started Fall Baseball so he worked with Daddy on things for the week.

Parker was busy playing and drinking Gatorade.

He had a great time.

He is getting so big! I know I say this all the time, but he seems so much older to me lately. He thinks he should be able to do everything like his brothers, except for sleeping in his own bed.

Baylor worked really hard.

Cooper was the ball boy, he helped field balls.

He hit lots of balls.

Coop had fun picking the corn pieces up that were on the ground.

Coop got to bat too and he even hit some balls.

Daddy timed the boys running the bases, Cooper ran them in 28 seconds. Coop had on his crocs and he said he should've worn his tennis shoes and he would've been way faster. His shoes kept slipping off.

Baylor ran them in 19.8 seconds.

The sky was so pretty.

We had this tree cut down tonight. It had branches on the house and the berries that fall make a huge mess. Baylor was really upset and was crying when they were cutting it down. He doesn't like change and he said he loved this tree. It does look bare without it!

Mimi and Pop came over for dinner and we had grilled chicken, green beans, corn on the cob, and tomatoes. Everything was from the farmer's market and it was delicious.

Daddy got the boys their own golf clubs this weekend Since Baylor is left handed he had to get different ones that would work for him. During nap time today he took Baylor to the driving range to hit balls. They had a great time together and Baylor loved it.

Here's a video of his first swing of his clubs at the driving range.