Monday, August 1, 2011

Pool Day with Friends

It was a fun day at the pool with friends.
All of the swimming fun wore sweet Elena out.

Drew was so happy that there were Pringles for lunch again today. He was even more excited taht Miss Andrea let him take them home!

Maddy and Baylor.

Jack is a fan of Pringles or "Sprinkles" if you're talking in his language. Who wouldn't want to eat a chip called Sprinkles.

It was Jack's idea to hold your popsicle in the air. They all joined in the fun.

Maddy the Mermaid.

Parker had fun playing with all of the toys.

Baylor and Grant.

The boys kept wanting to sit in Elena's Princess float.

They thought it was quite funny.

Drew and Baylor had fun squirting Miss Jamie with water from the noodle over and over again. She was a good sport.

Lunch time at the pool.

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