Monday, August 22, 2011

Enjoying our Last Days at the Pool

I can tell that our summer days are starting to come to an end. We are still having warm weather, but it is starting to feel more and more like fall.
I feel like this year more than usual I am having a hard time letting go of summer.

I don't want it to end. I know school is back in session and lots of things are turning to fall, but oh how I love summer. I love spending time outside and enjoying all things summer.

This morning I worked out again and then went with my friend Andrea to Hobby Lobby to buy centerpieces for Mops. We had three little ones with us so it was a busy trip. I'm really getting excited for Mops this year, it should be a great year.

We picked up Taco Bell for lunch and then headed to Mama's house to swim. The boys were anxious to get in the water.

We worked on filling up the pool with water and they spent lots of time playing with the hose.

Cooper was giving out hair dos today and he kept spiking up Parker's hair. He wanted to wash my hair with the hose, but the water was freezing.

We have had a great summer at Mama's house in the pool.

They also took swimming breaks to chase in the yard. Poor Parker tries so hard to keep up.

Running in the tube slows him down a tad.

Mama sat outside with us for a long time.

Cooper was on the hunt for more butterflies today too. I found a caterpillar on the patio and he wanted to hold it. When I put it in his hand it started to crawl up his arm and then he wasn't so sure. He decided he was down holding it for the rest of the day. Mama's white bird house also has two baby birds in it. We spent lots of time watching the Mama bird bring food to the baby birds and seeing their heads pop out. I was so surprised to see baby birds this late in the season.

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