Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Great Day to be Outside

This morning before church Parker got into the bag of green beans from the farmer's market and was trying to eat them before they were cooked. He loves green beans.
He had fun at church today and made a great picture. We ate breakfast at home and then got ready to spend the day outside.

It was a beautiful day!!! We went to the park by our house and played baseball and on the playground. Baylor has started Fall Baseball so he worked with Daddy on things for the week.

Parker was busy playing and drinking Gatorade.

He had a great time.

He is getting so big! I know I say this all the time, but he seems so much older to me lately. He thinks he should be able to do everything like his brothers, except for sleeping in his own bed.

Baylor worked really hard.

Cooper was the ball boy, he helped field balls.

He hit lots of balls.

Coop had fun picking the corn pieces up that were on the ground.

Coop got to bat too and he even hit some balls.

Daddy timed the boys running the bases, Cooper ran them in 28 seconds. Coop had on his crocs and he said he should've worn his tennis shoes and he would've been way faster. His shoes kept slipping off.

Baylor ran them in 19.8 seconds.

The sky was so pretty.

We had this tree cut down tonight. It had branches on the house and the berries that fall make a huge mess. Baylor was really upset and was crying when they were cutting it down. He doesn't like change and he said he loved this tree. It does look bare without it!

Mimi and Pop came over for dinner and we had grilled chicken, green beans, corn on the cob, and tomatoes. Everything was from the farmer's market and it was delicious.

Daddy got the boys their own golf clubs this weekend Since Baylor is left handed he had to get different ones that would work for him. During nap time today he took Baylor to the driving range to hit balls. They had a great time together and Baylor loved it.

Here's a video of his first swing of his clubs at the driving range.

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