Thursday, August 4, 2011

Holiday World

We won tickets to Holiday World at the food pantry dinner last year and needed to use them this season. We had never been and were excited to go. We have heard lots of good things about the park. The boys were excited to start exploring. We drove to Lake Monroe on Wednesday night and put our boat in the water and stayed at Four Winds and then drove to Holiday World Thursday morning. The only downfall of Holiday World for us is that it is far but breaking it up like we did helped out.
The park is broke up into different holidays and there were lots of rides that all of the boys could enjoy. Cooper liked drive the old cars.

Parker loved the rides.

Parker, Cooper, and Mommy watched Daddy and Baylor do the Liberty Launch. I was thankful I didn't have to go on it.

I think Daddy likes playing the games as much as the boys. We ended up with a big UK ball, a football, basketball, two penguins, two monkeys, a guinea pig, and two Smurfs. Fun times had by all. It was nice because they had games that the kids were guaranteed a prize.

He loved the Holidog coaster.

We watched a little show by the Holidazzlers, it was great entertainment!

The boys loved the canoes and went on them several times in a row. It was nice that it wasn't that crowded in the park and we didn't have to wait long for any ride.

He wanted blue.

I think this was by far his favorite ride.

The turkey twirl had fun turkeys to ride in.

Tom was determined to win. Baylor and Tom rode The Legend roller coaster after this and they said it was very extreme!

We had a great time at the water park and did the lazy river twice. It was hot and felt good to cool off.

The water park is huge and you could easily spend the whole day there.

He loved all of the slides. He wanted to go on all of the big ones too but there were long lines on them and it was too hard for me to watch the littles in the water area alone. It will be nice when everyone is tall enough for the big stuff.

He loved all of the water.

This area was just a small portion of the water park and was awesome. It was crowded though and made me nervous to watch all three boys. Thankfully they had on swim shirts so I could spot them easier.

This little monkey is the one you have to watch like crazy because he has no fear of getting lost.

After the water park we headed to Rudolph's Play Land to ride a few more rides before we left for the day. Parker had so much fun.

How cute is the sleigh.

Our final ride of the day.

They loved the boats.

Of course we stopped by one more games and Daddy won the boys a Smurf. They were thrilled and said it was the best day ever!

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