Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pool Day

Baylor really wanted to go swimming again since school starts in a week. This was his last free day we could go. I wasn't sure we would be able to because he woke up with an ear ache. I called our pediatrician in the am and she had me come in right away and checked all three boys. We love her! Thankfully he didn't have swimmer's ear and his inner ear just looked red so she started him on med. and said he was clear to go swimming. We decided to go ahead and swim today.
Coop was happy to go too. As much as they fight:) he is going to be sad when Bubby is at school all day.

He spent lots of time diving.

I had food left over from our picnic lunch yesterday and we hurried and packed it and ate at the pool. Jen and Ethan ended up swimming today too.

Parker was very busy at the pool today. It's quite a job to watch all three, they sure do keep me on my toes. The days of lounging on the raft are gone for several years but I love spending time at the pool with my boys.

Ethan in his crab.

We tried a group shot but Parker kept counting 1,2,3 to jump in .

This is the best we got.

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