Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food Pantry

One of the things Baylor really wanted to do this summer was to help Mimi at the Food Pantry. He has been before and loves going. Tonight it worked out that he could go and he was so excited. Mimi said he was a big helper.
Lots of corn to give to the clients this week. He also helped pass out the school supplies and all of it was distributed tonight. What a blessing.

He helped Roshin with one of her jobs at the pantry.

He has really grown up with us talking about the food pantry and working on the auction to raise money. He thinks it's a special place.

Great Job Baylor.

Tonight at prayer he wanted to pray for the people who had to go the food pantry to get food. He said he felt sorry for one lady who didn't have a car and had to ride her bike back to a motel with all of her food. We prayed for her that she made it home safely. I love his heart!

On a side note Baylor rode the bus home from school today for the very first time. He was so nervous that he would get on the wrong bus or that he would never make it home, but he did great. He came running off the bus and said he wanted to ride again tomorrow. I was nervous too and was so happy to see the bus pull down our street. It did work out great though because the littles actually got their whole nap today!

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d_freestone said...

Good for Baylor! I am so glad that he is a good helper!! Food Pantries are so important, these days!