Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family Fun Saturday

Today we had a fun family day. I love spending time with my favorite guys. Our first stop was for breakfast.
We ate breakfast at the Roost in Fishers.

It was tasty and everyone ate great. I think breakfast may be one of their favorite meals.

Then we headed to the Fisher's farmers market. They had some great stuff. It was such a nice day and felt great to be outside.

Yes, Cooper has his shoes on the wrong feet. It's seriously like this all of the time, even when we put them on the right feet.

We got a big bag of sweet corn for dinners this week.

I got some goodness, cherry tomatoes are like candy to me.

We bought two small bushels of honey crisp apples that are oh so delicious. Baylor ate 6 apples today!

Yes, we bought some of these too. It's going to be a good week!

We visited this dog several times too, his name is Darwin. He's adorable and the boys loved him.

Funny story! We were driving to the market and Great Clips called Tom's cell phone to ask how we were liking our hair cut. He didn't even know how to respond and just said it was fine. Seriously, it's a good thing I didn't answer. He said there was no need to get your blood pressure up! It's getting longer in the front so harder to get it to spike up. He's happier though so that's all that matters.

Parker loved the apples too.

Then we headed to McCordsville for the Grand Opening for Potter Family Eye Care. Maddy looked adorable as always. I loved her face painting.

Parker loved his sword.


We are so excited for Jamie and Austin and the new office looks amazing.

A little patient.

Cute boys.

After a busy day we headed to Mimi's house for some snow cones before nap. They were all tired and ready for some rest.

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