Friday, August 19, 2011


life rearranged

It's my first week to link up with Insta-Friday. I have so many pictures on my phone that I love and feel like I get cute ones since I always have it with me.

I am linking up with Life Rearranged.

When Baylor was a baby this old tractor actually ran and Tom would give him rides up and down our street. It's currently out of service, but oh how Parker loves to sit on it. He will run back there and point saying on over and over again. When you try to get him off he will say more!

Baylor is happy that Tyler rides his bus home. Tyler is a 4th grader this year.
I love to see him running up the yard.
I love to see the bus come down our street. I must admit I am a little nervous until he is back home, but it is working out great for the little brothers to get a nap.

Oh Flavor Ice we love you!

Homework and spelling tests started this week, we are trying to get homework done right away with snack. He had ten spelling words this week and his bonus word was friendship. He took his test today and he thought he did great.

At the fair we watched the Red Hat Ladies fashion show, it was quite a show! He really enjoyed it.

We've had some rough mornings this week because of the hair cut, but spiking it up has helped.

Monday he didn't want to go because he was not liking his hair.

Parker loves to watch from the front window. He looks for cars, dogs, and anything else.

A box came for me this week, my new TOMS. I am so excited to wear them.

Reading his favorite book in the lucky spot in the game room. Yes they fight over sitting in the lucky spot, why is it lucky you may ask, I have no idea! The favorite page in this book is, All dogs poop, and all dogs pee. Yes, this is quality children's literature I tell you.

Parker is always wanting to get in the shower, he's one clean boy I tell you.

Jamie texted me this morning with this picture and said our picture was in the Women of Faith program. Women of Faith is in Indy this weekend and lots of our friends emailed, texted, or called to say they saw us. We had so much fun that weekend!

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