Friday, August 12, 2011

Camp Out

The boys had been begging for a camp out and tonight was the night. Tom got in around 7:00 from the airport and the boys were so excited when the taxi pulled up. Tom had bought this tent earlier in the summer and it sets up in less than 60 seconds. It really was quick and easy. The tent is huge and they had tons of room.
After the tent was up Daddy made our campfire. This is by far the favorite part.

Hanging out by the fire.

Parker hung out in his stroller, not by choice:).

These two woodsmen went on a little hike in the woods with their lanterns and flashlight.

Then it was time for smores. Parker loved the marshmallows and kept saying more. By the end of the night he was completely covered from head to toe and his stroller was a complete mess, but he sure did enjoy himself.


Roasting the perfect marshmallow takes work.

Coop did great!

They had so much fun.

Eli stopped by with his Mommy and Daddy to pick up a trap for a skunk that is living under their deck. They had a smore and did a little playing too.

While I was helping the boys get their jammies on he got the Qtips out of Daddy's suitcase and dumped them out and half of them stuck to his hair and body because he was so sticky. Parker and Mommy had to head to the shower before bedtime.

These three slept outside all night.

They were all cozy in the tent and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Good night campers!

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d_freestone said...

Cute pictures! We did a lot of camping, when I was young. Those memories are embossed in my mind forever!