Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of Gymnastics and Fall Baseball

Today was Cooper and Parker's first day of gymnastics.
I have been wanting to get Cooper in gymnastics and he was so excited for it to start. I was having a hard time finding a day time class that fit our schedule but we found the perfect fit. Sportastiks was starting a new class time and said both boys could take at the same time and I could help Parker. How perfect.
The class is 45 minutes and they loved it!

Cooper did a great job and loved all of the stations. His teacher is Miss Emma and she is really good with kids.

The trampoline was a favorite for both boys.

I wasn't sure how Parker would do but he really did well and moved through all the stations. He had the best time and when it was time to go he kept saying more.

Baylor started taking gymnastics at Parker's age so I knew he would like it too.

I've always said Cooper was like a little monkey so this was great for him.

He did a great job of listening too. He is already asking how many days until we go back so I know gymnastics was a hit on day one.

Baylor signed up for fall baseball and his first practice was tonight. Tom took him to practice so I only got one picture and he all the way in the back in his blue Dodgers hat. He moved up to the next league so the kids will pitch some innings and there are more rules which will be great for him. He has some friends on his team and is excited to play which makes it fun for everyone.

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