Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Week From Today

One week from today my baby starts first grade and will be at school all day everyday. I'm actually having a really hard time with it and am sad to see this new phase start for us as a family. I know he is going to love first grade, but the all day part is really hard for me. When I was pregnant with Baylor I was teaching first grade at his school and prayed for his little life all of the time and now he's ready to start first grade. Oh how time flies. I just hope that he knows how much I love him and how special he is. I hope he has enjoyed all of our days with each other as much as I have. While it's not always rosy and there are fights between brothers, arguments with mom, and meltdowns in general I have loved my days with Baylor. He is fun to be around and is always up for an adventure. I'm going to try not to cry one week from today because I know he is scared and a little uneasy about first grade, but knowing him he'll do great and love it from the get go. In celebration of school starting Mimi took the boys to Build A Bear today and they both got a dog with a travel case. I think the case with the wheels was the biggest hit. I know this for sure that Baylor is going to miss all of our mall trips! He is a shopper and loves all of the stores, food court, and outings in general.
I really can't believe that time has flown by so quickly. Some days I look at Parker and think to when Baylor was that age and hope I cherished it enough. I hope I held him enough, loved on him enough and told him enough how much I love him. I'm just thankful he still likes to cuddle today and sit on my lap and lay with me at night.

Of course Parker is a total Mama's boy right now so I don't worry about getting enough loving from him!

Cooper is really going to be sad one week from today. They do fight but they sure do love each other too. He's going to be lost at first when he realizes Baylor is gone all day.

However Parker is getting more fun and likes to play too. The boys spent the night with Mimi last night so Parker and I were cleaning upstairs and packing. He couldn't decide if he wanted to clean or cook.

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Amy said...

Ok, you're killing me! That post was too much for me and my pregnancy have me bawling like a baby over here! I'm all worked up about Ryker starting preschool soon. I can't even think about 1st grade! I'm sure Baylor will do great and you'll all adjust well. :-)