Monday, August 15, 2011

Two at the Pool

The little boys had a busy morning with me. I made it back to the gym this morning for the first time since before Florida. Yes, I'm out of shape but it felt good to work out again. Afterwards we went to Sam's and then to the pool. When we got to Mama's house Cooper was upset because he wanted us to go pick up Bubby. He didn't want to swim without him. He ended up having fun and spent most of the time playing with the hose. The water was low so we helped fill up the pool.
Parker was a little fish today and swam all over the pool.

I love his sweet face in goggles.

The sky was so pretty today and the weather was beautiful.

Mama sat outside with us and we waited for Papa to get home. He had to have his pace maker replaced today and thankfully it all went well and he was home around 1:00. He did great and felt good when he got home.

They had fun together today. It was actually a pretty quiet day at the pool.

He had fun playing ball.

They all love to ring the bell.

Right when we were leaving Coop caught this giant butterfly. He was so proud of himself. He even said I wish Bubby was here to see.

We picked Baylor up from school and then went by FB. He got a certificate and a coupon for FB from his kindergarten teacher today for completing his entire summer homework pack. He couldn't wait to use his free cone coupon. He said he had a great day!

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