Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy Day=Normal Now

It was a busy day for us. We took Baylor to school and then headed to Zumba. The little boys love playing in their room there and Miss Kathy is so nice. When I pick them up she gives them a hug and says "Jesus Loves You." Afterwards we went to the car wash and cleaned the car out, Cooper was a big helper! Then we went to the grocery to get things we needed for dinner. We came home and got dinner ready so we could take a meal to Carl and Nicole. Cooper helped me get things ready and even got out the bathing suits for me.
Once everything was ready we headed to drop off a meal at the Schultz household. Miss Kate is so adorable and Eli is so sweet.

Our next stop was the pool. We swam for a little bit and then ate lunch at the pool. Cooper said he wanted a picnic so he laid out a towel and ate his lunchable on the pool deck. He said it was the best picnic ever.

The boys had a great time swimming today.

Every time we go now I wonder if this will be our last time to swim this year. It makes me so sad!

We all have a great time swimming and they take great naps after:).

He loves underwater pictures.

We brought our butterfly nets because Mama has so many butterflies at her house.

They were fast though and we didn't catch any today but it was fun to look.

I love this.

While we were there Mama's friend Lois came for a visit and we had fun talking with them. We took them on a walk around the yard. Parker was Mama's big helper. Parker fell asleep on the way home and Coop was ready for nap as soon as we got home. I had warm chocolate chip cookies ready for Baylor when he got off the bus. We got all of his homework done and practice his spelling words and read his library books on the back porch while his brothers were asleep. It's nice to have that time with just him. His bonus word this week is veterinarian, talk about hard for first grade!

Baylor had baseball practice again tonight and Daddy took him. I made stuffed shells for dinner for us too and Mimi and Uncle Joe came over for dinner. We also had salad, bread, and chocolate chip cookies. Uncle Joe thought it was tasty. We are so glad he is home. He is now here for the entire fall and then has a job in Florida starting in January. We are so excited!

Parker was so happy to see Uncle Joe. Coop and Park went on a golf cart ride with Mimi and Joe after dinner.

When Baylor got home he played catch with Joe in the front yard.

Then it was time to come in and take showers and get ready for bed. It was a busy but good day at our house.

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