Friday, August 5, 2011

Lake Monroe

We all slept in on Friday morning past 9:30 which was so nice. We were all worn out from the day before. We ate breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to the boat. It was so nice that it was already in the water and ready to go. He couldn't wait to surf. It is so cute to hear him say he's surfing. He loves it and asks to go again and again.
While he's really knee boarding he calls it surfing and loves the board. Tom is going to get them a kid's knee board to try. They are really getting good.

Baylor gets right up and maneuvers in and out of the waves. It is fun to watch him.

The water was so nice and felt great. It was really clean and calm on Friday.

After some tubing and surfing we anchored in Allen's Creek for some swimming fun.

Parker played out on the tube with Daddy.

They all took plenty of snack and drink breaks. Swimming is hard work.

We tied the big UK ball to a rope and they used a raft to make baskets. It entertained them for quite some time.

Another snack break.

We tubed again before heading in for nap.

Parker couldn't wait and fell asleep in his chair on the ride back in. He did still take a long nap in the room.

After a long nap we ate dinner and then went back out on the water. It was a beautiful night.

More surfing fun.

The sky was beautiful.

All smiles.

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