Monday, August 8, 2011

Date Day with Baylor

It's Back to School week and I wanted to have a special day with my soon to be first grader before school started. We headed out around 9:00 am for a day of fun. Our first stop was his school to pick up his Back to School Pack.
Next we stopped at the library to pick up our prizes from the Summer Reading Program drawing and check out new books. We won two tickets to the State Fair and a free pizza. Baylor checked out several Geronimo Stiliton books. He loves them right now.

One of our summer items on our list was golfing so we headed to Pirate's Cove for putt putt golf. Baylor had never been before and he was so excited.

He did great and even got a 2 on some holes.

He got a little crazy with his swing some times though so you had to watch out. Thankfully we got there early and we were the only people on the course. He did get one ball in the water and one went outside the fence.

He said he wants to go back again.

Afterwards we headed to the mall to get new school shoes. He has worn Crocs all summer but wants tennis shoes for school and his old ones were too tight. He picked these out right away because they have a squiggly line, so funny. We also went to Gap and Borders. Borders is closing:( and he picked out four Geronimo Stiliton books that were on sale.

We ate lunch at Johnny Rockets and sat at the counter. We both had yummy milkshakes.

Then we headed to the movie to see The Zookeeper.

While we waited for the movie to start we read one of his new books and talked. I loved my day with my big boy. He loved the movie too and it was fun to watch him laugh and enjoy the show.

Tonight Mimi and Pop invited us and Mama and Papa over for dinner. Before dinner we helped Mimi sort all of the school supplies from our church's giving tree.

The boys were big helpers.

Parker took all of the book bags and lunch boxes to Mama and Papa. After it was all sorted we divided it all up and then loaded my car up to deliver to the schools in the morning.

Coop and Papa.

Baylor and Mama.

After a yummy dinner we had Smores for dessert, another item to check off of our list.

It was raining outside so we made them in the microwave but they were just as delicious!


Parker really enjoyed the pieces of chocolate Mimi gave him, he was so excited!

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The Gambrel Family said...

What a special day! I'll be thinking of you this week.