Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Indiana State Fair

With school starting tomorrow we wanted to go to the fair today. It looked like it may rain but it ended up being the perfect weather for the fair. It was a little cooler and there was even a nice breeze. We left around 8:30 this morning and dropped off school supplies and then headed for a fun day at the fair.
Our first stop was the animal barns. Both big boys have decided that they want to be farmers after today. They watched, asked questions, and talked to lots of farmers and kids showing animals today. I'm always amazed at how brave they are touching animals of all kinds since we are a pet free family at this point.

Parker was brave petting the baby calves. Looking back at the pictures you would almost think he wasn't at the fair. He did stay in the stroller lots and then when he was out it was too hard to take pictures so his "face" time is limited from our day at the fair.

He had a great time though.

Coop could've stayed here all day.

In true Coop fashion he started talking to this farmer while they were washing the cows and he asked to pet them. The farmer scooped him up and let him pet all four and told him their names.

We loved seeing all of the horses.

We also wanted to go today because it was $2 Tuesday and every booth has a special two dollar food special. Here is a pig ear instead of an elephant ear that was quite tasty. We also had two free tickets and a $2 voucher so it only cost us $2 to get all five of us in since kids 5 and under are free.

Coop got a giant "horn" dog.

We checked out all of the pigs.

The FFA buildings were really good this year.

Parker was deciding if this cow was real or not.

Gone fishing.

The boys had fun driving lots of tractors and machines.

Oink, Oink!

Future Farmer of America.

They loved feeding the carrots to the goats.

The bag lasted for quite a long time.

The John Deere tractors and store are always a hit. Cooper got a new hat and a tractor and Baylor got a new tractor with a baler from Mimi.

The boys got to pick between fair rides or pony rides and they both wanted to ride the ponies. They both rode twice. Cooper rode on Hank and Oliver. He loved it and wanted to go again and again.

Baylor rode on Copper both times. He still remembers when he came to his birthday party.

Cute cowboy!

It was a great day at the fair!

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