Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zoo Day

Today we went to the zoo with Jen and Ethan. When Cooper found out where we were going this morning he was so excited. I have to tell him what we are going to do after Bubby gets out of the car. It just helps the whole morning go a little more smoothly. We got to the zoo right when it opened and it wasn't crowded at all.
Our first stop was the seals and this big guy was so noisy!!!

Our next step was the ocean exhibit. Cooper was able to pet lots of sharks today.

Then we headed to the Forest exhibit to see the new tigers. Ethan has seen them so he showed us around. There were three pretty tigers who were all snoozing in the sun. The new habitat is really neat though!

Jen and Ethan.

Coop and Mommy.

We watched the monkeys play and then say the big brown bears.

In the plains Parker finally got out of the stroller. He led the way. We basically had the whole area to ourselves. Talk about a great day to go to the zoo.

I'm cherishing days like these with these two because I know it goes by in the blink of an eye.

He's tall, but not as tall as the giraffe.

He had a giraffe on his shirt today so he wanted to check them all out for a long time.

It's sad to say but I think the boys like the bridge to the rhinos better than the animals. They sure are big.

Coop raced a cheetah twice. He ran super fast!

We were all excited to see the baby elephant. She was born a month ago and weighed 238 pounds at delivery, that poor Mama Elephant!

These two kept pointing to the train and saying choo choo. They love trains so we had to ride.

Coop picked the caboose and I rode with them.

After lunch we rode the carousel twice. We were the only ones on the carousel, I'm telling you it was the perfect day to go to the zoo.

Parker picked his animals, he rode a rhino and an elephant.

Ethan rode on the gorilla and the elephant.

Coop picked the seal and the polar bear. Great choices big guy.

Hi boys!

Our last stop of the day was the splash park. We really wanted to get her again before it closed for the season. By this time it was hot, our car red 96 when we left so the water felt great.

A cousin hug. Parker loves Ethan and calls his E-AN and really draws out the E. He says it over and over and is always so excited to see him.

The water felt great and Jen and I didn't mind getting wet because we were hot!


On the way to the car we got a frozen lemonade making it a great day at the zoo!

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