Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Swim of the Season?

Since Little Mister was born we have not been to the pool.  It's still super hot and feels like summer but I can't swim and it just didn't work out,  but today Miss Sarah went with us and the little boys were thrilled for another pool day!
We packed a picnic lunch and went to Mama's house as soon as Coop got home from preschool.
They were excited to have Miss Sarah with us.
We have had so much fun at the pool this summer!
I hate to see the pool close, they all love swimming and it's great exercise and makes for great nap times.
While the boys swam Sawyer napped inside.  I sat with him and worked on thank you notes.
It actually sprinkled a little while we were there but they thought it was fun.
Popsicle break.
Sliding on the raft.
Pirate Cooper!
It was a fun day at the pool and it really may be our final swim of the season!  It's been a fun one, we will be ready for the pool to open next year!

InstaFriday: August 31

Here we are the last day of August!  We have had an exciting month here at our house.  We are so in love with our new little one and are enjoying our days getting to know him and loving on him.  Things are crazy and busy, but I know it won't be like this for long.
 1. Hi mom.
2. All snug.
3.  I love having a baby lay on me.
4.  Trying to keep his deedee in his mouth.
1.  Getting ready for football season, Baylor is making helmet posters for the different NFL teams.
2.  After school snack, nachos, he's starving when he gets home.
3. Homework gets done right away here.  He's not always happy about it but so much better to have it done.
4.  Love his faces.
1. I caught a smile!
2.  Eating a sucker in his safety goggles, it's serious business.
3. Mr. Sleepy Head had a hard time waking up for his baseball game after nap.
4.  Lunch with Mimi and Mom at McAllister's.
5. Snuggling with Uncle Joe.
6. Brothers at breakfast.
1. Captain America!
2. He wanted to stretch out.
3. Playing ball in the yard with dad.
4.  Getting ready for school, it was show and tell day!
5. I love it when he's all bundled.
6. Mr. Monkey.
7.  He was hot in the tent.
8. Last pool day?
9. Backyard camping and campfire.
1. Gameball winner, Cooper!
2.  A rainy morning waiting for the bus.  When Baylor got home he told me he couldn't use the Lightning McQueen umbrella anymore because kids on the bus were making fun on him:(.  How sad, I hate to see him grow up.  He now wants a plain colored one.
3.  Excited to use umbrellas.

life rearranged

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embrace the Camera: August 30

 Today it's all about Mimi and Pop on Embrace the Camera.  They have both been so much help over the past two weeks, I don't know what we would've done without them!
 I am so lucky to have Mimi as my mom and the boys are blessed to have her in their lives.  She goes above and beyond for all of us.  She has taken the boys to preschool, drove me to appointments, done our laundry,  brought us food, helped with homework, helped with taking the boys to games and practices, and the list goes on and on.  She has been with us all of the time over the past two weeks!  I know she's tired, but she would never tell you that.  Thank you for all you do, we love you!!!
Pop has been helpful with baseball and playing with the boys.  During the first week home Parker spent the evenings with Pop playing and he took his showers there.  It was good for him to have some one on one attention after all the changes he went through in a short time.  Pop took days off work to help watch the littles when Tom went back to work so Mom could help me at home with Sawyer.  He's a great dad and a wonderful Pop!
I know Sawyer is going to love his Mimi and Pop too, just like his big brothers!

Two Weeks Old

Sawyer you turned 2 weeks old today!  
On the scale you were right at 10 pounds.
What a big boy!

You are such a sweet baby and have a very mellow personality.  You do like to eat all of the time!
I wonder if you'll like sleeping in your own bed?  Your big brothers didn't:).
Nights are still rough for you.  The longest stretch we have had so far is two hours.  You think you are starving and sure let me know!  You have several wet and dirty diapers every night and want your diaper changed right away!  
On your two week birthday Mimi and I took turns going in to Target and we picked up lunch at Wendy's and then we went to visit Mama and Papa.
They were happy to see you.
Parker was busy acting like he was Captain America and entertaining Mama, Papa, and Miss Mary.
Coop and Papa.
Sawyer you are such a sweet sweet baby and we love you so!  Happy 2 weeks peanut!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baylor Pitching

 Tonight Baylor had a game and Cooper had practice, both at 6:00.  Pop was able to come and stay with Coop at practice and Daddy took Baylor to the game.  We found out the night before that Baylor would be pitching this game so I really wanted to go and watch.
 Since I still can't drive and it's way too hot and early for Sawyer to be at a ball game I didn't think it was going to work, but once again Mimi came to the rescue.  Miss Sarah stayed with Parker and Mimi drove me to the game and Sawyer went too.  Mimi parked in the shade under a tree and stayed in the car with Sawyer so I could go watch Baylor.
 I didn't tell him I was coming in case it didn't work out and he was all smiles when he saw me.
 In his league the kids only pitch the first ininng.  We were in the field first so Baylor pitched to start the game.
 I could tell he was nervous, but he did a great job.
 He's really been practicing hard.  The most important thing though is that he loves it and has fun playing too!

 He looks so cute out there.
 Our little lefty.
 I stayed to watch him hit once too.  He had a great hit.
 Go #10!
 On deck.
 Ready to hit, it was a great hit right down center field.
And he's off!  I was so happy I was able to go watch even if it was for one inning.  His team won again tonight.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sawyer's Visitors

Since we have been home Sawyer has had lots of visitors.  We have been so blessed by all the cards, gifts, and meals from our sweet family and friends.  It's definitely been an adjustment period in our lives and the kindness of others has been so appreciated.  I can't tell you how thankful I have been for the meals that have been brought to our family.  I haven't had to cook since we have been home, which is a huge blessing.  Since I can't drive either it's hard to get to the store or even pick up dinner so I am so thankful!
Sweet Miss Sarah and Sawyer.
Aunt Von and Sawyer.

Sarah and Sawyer.
Nicole and Sawyer, his future girlfriends Mommy:).
Uncle Carl.
Mimi and Sawyer.
Andi and Sawyer.
 Aunt Annie and Uncle Neal.
 Miss Maddy, she's going to be a great baby sitter one day!
Sweetie and Sawyer. 

 Miss Betty.
 Uncle Joe and Sawyer Joseph.
Pop and his littlest pal.