Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Game Night

 Both boys had a game tonight at 6:00 which makes it hard to see them both.  The good thing is Coop's game is only an hour so I was able to watch the second hour of Baylor's game.
 Both boys had to bring snack to their team tonight and they were excited.
 Coop had another great game.
 He loves running the bases.
 He gets so excited.
 His helmet slips and he pushes it back.  I also don't think he can hear as well with it on.
A little wave to his fan club.
Pop and Mommy were there to cheer him on.

 On base.
 His little cheeks were so red.
 Trying to slide.
 Cute profile.

 Baylor's game was the next field over.
 Look at all of his hair!
 Waiting for a play.
 Great hit!
 Coop has the stance too.
 Good game.
 He loves the game too!
 Of course he wanted the game ball again.
 I love watching him.
 He struck out and got out tonight and was pretty upset.  Daddy is so good at encouraging him.  Baylor begged to stay after the game to hit more on the field before going home.  Daddy agreed and they hit more balls, it made Baylor feel better.
 I like that he is determined and wanted to work hard and not just give up.

Little did I know at the time that this would be my last game before Sawyer arrived and that by this time the next night he would be here!

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