Friday, August 24, 2012

InstaFriday: August 24

 1.  Baylor's furniture was delivered the day before Sawyer made his early arrival.  I was so glad it was all done!
2.  The morning of Sawyer's birth I was exhausted and we went to Mimi's house.  The littles were still in jammies.
3.  New Broncos fan on Sawyer's birthday.
4.  I thought this was my one week until delivery picture but it ended up being the final belly shot.
5. First time Baylor held Sawyer.
6.  Right after his bath.
6.  Picture in the delivery room.
7.  At the hospital on Friday night we ordered Sullivan's.  When Tom ordered he told them we needed utensils since we were at the hospital with a new baby.  When he picked up food they gave him an envelope and said it was a baby gift.  He opened it in the car and it was a $100.00 gift card!  
8.  While we were at the hospital Miss Sarah took boys to park for a picnic.
 1. Sawyer baby.
2.  Sweet cheeks.
3.  Baylor visited us every day, he was so happy to hold the baby.
4. Our four boys together for the first time.
 1. Cute baby clothes with his name.
2. Packed up ready to head home.
3.  Greeted by Baylor.
 1. First day of preschool.
2.  Daddy and Park brought lunch to Baylor and a friend one day.  He was surprised and happy.
3.  Daddy took them on a golf cart ride to the horse farm.  We loved having Daddy home.
4.  Can I hold baby Sawyer?
5.  All swaddled.
6.  Cuddle time before school.
7.  He lost two teeth in one night.
8.  Where he put them on his dresser.  Watch out tooth fairy!  He got $20.
9.  Hanging with mom.
 1. King of the playground.
2. Can you tell what they are fighting over?  Who gets to hold the leash.
3.  My first morning alone with all three littles.  I hated to see Tom go back to work, so sad!
4.  First time in car seat.
 1.  Baylor rode home with Maddy to play.  This was the picture they texted me to beg for him to stay longer.  He had baseball practice and he wanted to skip so he could play with Maddy longer.
2.  A little Just Dance.
3.  Sleepy.
4. Big brother Parker.
5.  They helped Daddy wash four wheeler to sell and they had the best time.  They were all soaked.
6.  Newborn photo session.  I loved them!
7.  Funny baby faces.
8. Angel baby.
9. He likes to sleep with his hands over his head.
  All three boys getting a turn.
1.  Waiting for Bubby.
2. Sitting in the bouncy.
3. Lunch date with Mommy and Daddy at Bru Burger after pictures.
4. Pop time.
5.  The boys made us a Welcome Home sign.
6.  Bax peeking through the door.  He knows he cant come in our room, but he wants to be close to the baby.
7. Handsome.
8. Flowers from Sawyer to Mommy.
life rearranged

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