Friday, August 10, 2012

InstaFriday: August 10

Another week has flown by!  Here's a look at my phone pictures for the week.
1. Baylor passed Snoopy, he was happy.
2. Golf cart rides with Mimi are so much fun!
3.  The cooler weather has been so nice.
4. 2 weeks until Sawyer comes belly shot.
5.  Sleepy doggy waiting for his pal to get off the bus.
6. Baseball fun in the backyard with Daddy.
7. Baxter casualty, what happens when you leave your hat in the yard overnight.
8. My favorite new tea cup from my bestie, Andi.
9.  This boy loves to swing and play outside.
 1. He is loving baseball.  Uncle Joe had to take him to practice.  Daddy was in Cleveland and it was Mama's birthday, what a great uncle.
2. Park and Sarah playing Legos at Mimi's house for Mama's party.
3.  Jen knew I was sad that I miss the fair this year, she brought me a treat.  My own box of taffy, sure do love her!
4. After school popcorn snack.
 After swimming on Wednesday Mama played the piano for the boys.  She played Twinkle Twinkle and Old MacDonald.  It was neat to hear her play so well.  Thankful for these little pieces of Mama that I get to share with my boys.
 1. Baylor had baseball and Mimi came and helped with shower and dinner for the littles.  Coop loved watching The Great Fairy Rescue.
2.  Yeah for a rainy morning.
3.  Bye Bubby.
4.  Back to School Night in Baylor's room.  He made this cut out of himself, he was so proud.  I know he is going to have a great year!
1. A little work on his computer in the morning.
2. Trying to keep his granola bar away from Bax.
3.  Windows, hurray!
4.  The boys loved watching.
5.  It was hard to keep them away, they were so intrigued.
6.  Made me glad we were gone while the room was being finished.
7.  Let there be light!
8.  Maddy's drawing of Baylor in her All About Me book.
9.  Friday night Tom and I had a date night.  Dinner at Ruth's Chris, another great Devour Downtown menu. Then we took our dessert to the movie and watched The Bourne Legacy.  We ended the night at the Rathskellar for a going away party for one of Tom's employees.  It was such a fun night!
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