Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two Weeks Old

Sawyer you turned 2 weeks old today!  
On the scale you were right at 10 pounds.
What a big boy!

You are such a sweet baby and have a very mellow personality.  You do like to eat all of the time!
I wonder if you'll like sleeping in your own bed?  Your big brothers didn't:).
Nights are still rough for you.  The longest stretch we have had so far is two hours.  You think you are starving and sure let me know!  You have several wet and dirty diapers every night and want your diaper changed right away!  
On your two week birthday Mimi and I took turns going in to Target and we picked up lunch at Wendy's and then we went to visit Mama and Papa.
They were happy to see you.
Parker was busy acting like he was Captain America and entertaining Mama, Papa, and Miss Mary.
Coop and Papa.
Sawyer you are such a sweet sweet baby and we love you so!  Happy 2 weeks peanut!

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