Friday, August 31, 2012

InstaFriday: August 31

Here we are the last day of August!  We have had an exciting month here at our house.  We are so in love with our new little one and are enjoying our days getting to know him and loving on him.  Things are crazy and busy, but I know it won't be like this for long.
 1. Hi mom.
2. All snug.
3.  I love having a baby lay on me.
4.  Trying to keep his deedee in his mouth.
1.  Getting ready for football season, Baylor is making helmet posters for the different NFL teams.
2.  After school snack, nachos, he's starving when he gets home.
3. Homework gets done right away here.  He's not always happy about it but so much better to have it done.
4.  Love his faces.
1. I caught a smile!
2.  Eating a sucker in his safety goggles, it's serious business.
3. Mr. Sleepy Head had a hard time waking up for his baseball game after nap.
4.  Lunch with Mimi and Mom at McAllister's.
5. Snuggling with Uncle Joe.
6. Brothers at breakfast.
1. Captain America!
2. He wanted to stretch out.
3. Playing ball in the yard with dad.
4.  Getting ready for school, it was show and tell day!
5. I love it when he's all bundled.
6. Mr. Monkey.
7.  He was hot in the tent.
8. Last pool day?
9. Backyard camping and campfire.
1. Gameball winner, Cooper!
2.  A rainy morning waiting for the bus.  When Baylor got home he told me he couldn't use the Lightning McQueen umbrella anymore because kids on the bus were making fun on him:(.  How sad, I hate to see him grow up.  He now wants a plain colored one.
3.  Excited to use umbrellas.

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Emily said...

Awe! That is sad. :-( I don't know why some kids are so mean.