Sunday, August 26, 2012

Red Sox Sunday

Game day for both boys again.
Daddy, Pop, Pappaw, Mammaw, Aunt Anne and Neal were at the games.  Mimi stayed home with Mommy and the little boys.
The boys were excited to have a fan club.
Coop had a great game.  He got two people out when he played second and caught a pop fly.
He hit a ball to the fence and had two other great hits.
Daddy said it was his best game.
He was having so much fun!
He was working hard.
He does a great job of paying attention.
The boys games were at different times so Daddy could watch both.
It's hard to be two places at one time!
Red cheeks because he was playing so hard.
Big hitter.
Little dance moves.

Baylor and Daddy.
Baylor loves having Daddy coach.  They are best pals.
Go B.
Little pep talk.

Love him.
He's off.
They won today again.
He had his best game...
and was the GAME BALL WINNER!  He was so happy!  I loved hearing his stories when he got home.

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