Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Bath

Getting ready for his first bath.
I was on bath detail alone since Daddy had the big boys so it was hard to take any pictures.  Let's just say he was not a fan!
Since he still has his cord it was just a wipe down bath and I think he was freezing.  I had tried to warm up the bathroom with the shower but he still wasn't happy.
This may be the maddest he has ever been:).

After bath I weighed him on the scale.  He was 1 week and 2 days here.  He was around  9 1/2 pounds.

Hi mister.  He can't be trusted without a diaper yet so I went ahead and weighed him with a clean one on.
Sawyer's first time on this scale.
All clean and dressed laying in his bed.

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