Monday, August 13, 2012

Preschool Back to School Night

Tonight was preschool back to school night.  We took Cooper and Parker and had a special night just with them.  They were excited to see Mrs. Steele.
 Eli and Parker.  Eli is going to the same preschool this year too, the boys are excited.
 Excited for a great year.  He loves his school.  Can't believe this is his last year of preschool and next year he will be starting kindergarten.
 Afterwards we went to Steak n Shake for dinner.  Coop remembered going there last year and he wanted to go again this year.
 Parker got to go too!
 I love this boy so!
 Our next stop was a field trip to the pet store.  They were so excited.
 We checked out the kitty cats.  
 Then it was time for the snakes and lizards.
 He loves animals, he may be our future vet.
 I sure do love his smile.
They had a great time and are excited for preschool to start.  I hope they both have a great year!

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