Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome Home Sawyer Joseph

Sunday morning we were up and moving.  It was our discharge day and we were excited and ready to be heading home.  After seeing how upset Baylor was that Daddy would not be at his game today, we really tried to get out of the hospital on time so Daddy could go for Baylor and Cooper.
The OB on call did rounds really early and then we just had to wait on the pediatrician on call.

After we got the all clear it was time to start the discharge process.
We were excited to have Kari as our nurse again today.  We had her all day on Friday and she was fabulous.
So sweet.
All ready to go home.!
Heading out.
It was such a nice day.
First time in his car seat.  He did great.
I went to stay with Mimi while Pop and Daddy took the boys to their games.  Pappaw also went to help and cheer on the boys.  After the game we headed home and were greeted by the cute sign.
So cute.
It felt so good to be home!
The boys were so excited to see Sawyer.
They all wanted to hold him.
The Hurst four at home.
Pappaw held Sawyer for a bit before leaving.
Baylor was thrilled we were home.
Can you tell?
So was Coop.
Miss Betty brought us a wonderful dinner!  It was all delicious and so nice of her.
Little man sat in his seat while we ate.

Our neighbor, also known as The Cookie Lady, brought us a bouquet as a welcome home.  We were so excited.
When Uncle Joe came home he got to meet his nephew for the first time.  It was a busy day but so special to be home with all of our blessings.

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Diane Freestone said...

Love the photos! Sawyer definitely looks like he fits right in!