Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cooper's First Baseball Game Ever

 Sunday was the first day of the Fall Baseball season.  To say Cooper has been excited would be a huge understatement.  When he wakes up he asks if he has practice and how many more days until his first game. He wants to wear his cleats all of the time and is always ready to practice with Daddy.  He is definitely ready for his turn!  He was so stinking cute.
 Baylor's game was at the same exact time a field apart and Daddy was coaching Baylor's team so Mimi, Pop, Mammaw, Pappaw, Mommy, and Parker cheered on our littlest Red Sox player.  Daddy was able to watch him run the bases from the other field.
 He was pitcher's helper first and the helmet was so big on him he couldn't see.  He ended up wearing his ball hat too and that helped.
 He does a great job listening and is really just thrilled to be playing.
 Up to bat.  He had two great hits.  On his first hit he didn't know what to do.  We were all yelling at him to put his bat down and run.
 He finally got it and ran to first.
 Run Buddy!
 He's a fast little runner.
 He thought he was out, but this player didn't have the ball.
 Pop got some really cute pictures of him.
 He made it home and he scored!
 He was pretty excited.
 Then he played in the outfield.
 He has the stance down.
 Thumbs up for Pop.
 His second time at bat he got a double.  He ran so fast.
When he was on third we knew he was going to slide.

 He slid head first into home.

 Great first game Red Sox.

 He was all smiles after the game.
 He sure had fun.
I was so proud of my little ball player.  It was fun to watch him at his first game.  He loved it and can't wait for game 2!

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Amy Brown said...

Such fun! I love that his number is 2 since he's #2 in birth order. Cute!