Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Swim of the Season?

Since Little Mister was born we have not been to the pool.  It's still super hot and feels like summer but I can't swim and it just didn't work out,  but today Miss Sarah went with us and the little boys were thrilled for another pool day!
We packed a picnic lunch and went to Mama's house as soon as Coop got home from preschool.
They were excited to have Miss Sarah with us.
We have had so much fun at the pool this summer!
I hate to see the pool close, they all love swimming and it's great exercise and makes for great nap times.
While the boys swam Sawyer napped inside.  I sat with him and worked on thank you notes.
It actually sprinkled a little while we were there but they thought it was fun.
Popsicle break.
Sliding on the raft.
Pirate Cooper!
It was a fun day at the pool and it really may be our final swim of the season!  It's been a fun one, we will be ready for the pool to open next year!

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