Saturday, September 1, 2012

Camping in the Backyard

The boys have been begging to camp out in the backyard again.
On Friday night we went camping in the backyard and they were thrilled!
The weather called for rain but it held off and was clear all evening and night.  It was hot but rain free.
When Daddy got home it was time to set up!
The boys loved getting the fire all ready.  I think a bonfire is their favorite part.
Then they all helped Daddy get the tent set up and ready for the night.

Mimi came over and held Sawyer so I could go out and enjoy the fun too.  We really coated them all up in bug spray!
The tent is so easy to set up and is huge inside.  Daddy put a queen air mattress inside for himself and the boys all had sleeping bags and blankets.  
They were excited!
They helped get the inside all set up.
Parker thought he would sleep right there.
Hi Baylor!
Then it was campfire time.
We roasted hot dogs and of course smores!
So fun!
I love hot dogs roasted over a campfire.  They were so tasty!
Parker enjoyed them!

Tom is such a good Daddy!
Then it was time for bed.  Bax started out in the tent but then Tom called me to let him in, he ran right to his crate.  I think he was happy to be out of the tent.
They were hot in the night and the two little boys had a hard time going to sleep but they all had a great time. They were begging to do it again the next night, I think Daddy was thankful it was raining:).

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The Gambrel Family said...

So fun! I'm sure the boys did love it!! Great memories!